Today was the last Raiders Sweets & Treats Bake Shop of the 1st semester and while I am immensely proud of the students and their accomplishments knowing the semester is drawing to a close still makes me sad. Century Learning by Jill
Once a month the students in the Advanced Baking class test recipes to perfection, produce them in bulk quantities and sell them to the staff at our school.  We call this the Raiders Sweets & Treats Bake Shop and it is very very popular.  The students learn about working in a production kitchen, with its many demands, and they get to showcase their hard work to their “customers”.  They also get to be creative and make the desserts of their dreams come true.

This month was a special bake shop.  The students were asked to survey their customer base and use the information they collected to create a new and innovative dessert that met the wants and desires of their customers.  There were a few days of brainstorming that were truly mindblowing but the students settled on the following products to sell at the bake shop…

mint chocolate fajitaMint Chocolate Chip Fajita

cookies and cream cannoliCookie & Cream Cannoli

cinnamon roll donutBaked Cinnamon Roll Donut with Glaze

The students worked very hard and did a fantastic job taking those creative ideas and making them into a reality.  The desserts they created were truly awesome!

I am impressed every semester by the creativity and work ethic of the Advanced Baking students but this group really took the project to a new level.  Next week they’ll be moving on to new classes and I’ll get a whole new group for 2nd semester.  I’m sad to see them go but at the same time really curious to see what the next group can do.  What will our next creations be like?  So many possibilities!

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