When I first started teaching, I felt alone and vulnerable. I was the only teacher in my subject area, so there was no one around to bounce ideas off of or to ask for guidance. Eventually, though, I made connections with teachers in other districts that taught the same subject as I and that feeling of exclusivity began to subside. Those connections became my lifeline! The teachers were willing to share the lessons they had learned, over their years of teaching, so I didn’t have to learn it all the hard way. That experience taught me how important it is to share my resources and support the teachers around me so we can all be successful in our teaching mission.

The idea of a network of professionals is on my mind today because in my grad course, CEP 810, we were asked to explore our Professional Learning Network. “A professional learning network is a vibrant, ever-changing group of connections to which teachers go to both share and learn” according to Brianna Crowley (2014, para. 3 ). I created the following Popplet to show all of my connections.

jill s pln take 2

As you can see, some areas are more developed than others.  The local school district that employs me has a vast network of professionals that I can look to for help or guidance.  On the other hand, the part of the web dedicated to the Michigan State University, Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) program is small.  I’ve just begun the journey through the MAET program, so my connections are minimal.  I hope that the network in this area will grow exponentially over the coming semesters.  Another area where I could, and should, have more connections is on the internet.  My explorations with technology through my coursework should help here as well.



Crowley, Brianna. (2014, December 31). 3 Steps for Building a Professional Learning Network. Education Week. Retrieved January 23, 2019 from https://www.edweek.org/tm/articles/2014/12/31/3-steps-for-building-a-professional-learning.html

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