As a teacher, I often use bits and pieces of other peoples written work.  I am not an omniscient being so I draw on the work that others have done to fill in the gaps of my knowledge.  I don’t present their work as my own, I give them credit either by linking to the original work or a bibliography citation. I also require my students to do the same.

This is on every recipe students submit in my class. This MUST be completed, or I won’t accept the recipe.

This week I have been refreshing my understanding of media use, and it was a much-needed lesson.  The media available to teachers has changed dramatically over the years.  The first few days of my exploration actually made me a little nervous! Copyright law and the need to attribute work to the correct person was not new. Fair use was a concept that I had heard of and is the doctrine that allows the limited use of copyrighted work.  As long as you are only using a portion of the work for educational, not profitable, endeavors and using it in a transformative way you are probably falling within the fair use doctrine.

It was actually the word “transformative” that got me a little nervous.  It seems so vague! I did extra research on the meaning of transformative as it is used in this instance and you can see my new understanding in the following remix video.

I hope your understanding has been solidified a little by my remix video as well.  I learned a lot this week, and I intend to continue exploring. I added a Creative Commons license to this site, and I want to learn more about finding Creative Commons resources.


Freestocks (Producer). (ca. 2018). Baking Pastry Bread – Free Stock Creative Commons Video. Retrieved from

Freestocks (Producer). (ca. 2019). Herd Of Chicken – Free Stock Creative Commons Video. Retrieved from

Lawlor, Orion (Publisher). (ca. 2011). Slow Motion Water Ripples. Retrieved from

Music by Max Sergeev from Fugue. Retrieved from–slideshow

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