This week I was tasked with exploring broad issues in innovative technologies.  UDL and Intersectionality were selected for our exploration. UDL stands for Universal Design for Learning and asks the teacher to think about how to meet the needs of their students while they are planning so that they can be proactive in preparing for diverse learners. The information that I found to be the most useful was a chart with links for ideas in applying UDL.

The term Intersectionality was new to me. It was a  term, created “to deal with the fact that many of our social justice problems like racism and sexism are often overlapping, creating multiple levels of social injustice” (Crenshaw, 2016). After I watched the Ted Talk by Kimberle Crenshaw the takeaway I had was that people have layers to their identity that all have to be considered if we want to really see who they are.

I created the following presentation to express my understanding of both topics.


My Smilebox Creation

This was also critique week in my grad class which means we were asked to read a classmates learning plan and give feedback from UDL and Intersectionality.  The UDL feedback was more comfortable to offer than the Intersectionality feedback. I hesitated to pretend to be looking at the lesson from a perspective that isn’t my own until it occurred to me that I too have many layers and there are perspectives I can provide.
Overall, a great week with feedback from colleagues that made me look at my learning plan with different eyes. I have work to do now to make improvements, and that’s a good thing. It means I’m growing and becoming a better teacher for ALL of my students.


** All photos in the presentation are the work of the author **

Crenshaw, K. (2016, October). Kimberle Crenshaw: The Urgency of Intersectionality [Video file]. Retrieved from

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