This week I took all of the questions I generated in “The Questions Continue” and “Why don’t we ask more questions?” and I thought about how I really wanted to change my teaching and what that would mean for the students. With all of that clarified, I finalized my wicked problem. Wicked problems are those issues that never get solved because they contain so many ever-changing variables. Once you solve one part of the problem another issue comes up.

My wicked problem is:  Re-imagining the baking curriculum as inquiry-based, driven by student questions, and engaging for all learners.  Teaching my students how to ask better questions will also teach them how to be in charge of their own learning which will be beneficial to them in all areas of life. It will serve them as students and as productive members of society.

Now that the problem has been identified the first step in solving it is to collect information. I have written many iterations of a survey to more thoroughly define the problem and ask other teachers to suggest ways to approach a solution.  This is not the first time I have written a survey but it was certainly the most complex experience I have had.  My questions started out very simplistic and not very useful. I think my struggle was because I am a very independent person and asking others for information or help is not part of my personality.  I got some insight from an online article and also excellent feedback from a fellow student in my grad class.

\Now I think the survey is in the best form and ready for you to respond. Please consider taking a few minutes of your time to take my Inquiry-Based Learning Survey.  I would really appreciate your assistance.


(2019, February 27). Survey Design Best Practices: How to Write a Good Questionnaire. Retrieved from


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