This is me…

This work is about the obsession that is my life…food. Everything that I do revolves around food. My Google searches lead to recipes and my conversations are about foods that I’ve eaten (or would like to eat). My vacation planning always begins with “Where should we eat?”. Some would say that makes me a glutton but in reality, it’s what makes me really good at my job.

I teach cooking, mostly baking, and that constant immersion in the food world creates a passion for the topic that is energizing to my students. The highest compliment I ever got from a student was proof of this. He told his friend, ” You are so lucky to have Mrs. K. She is the best teacher because she is so passionate about everything in her life, especially food. You’ll make amazing food and you’ll learn a lot.”

BUT, this was not the only version of this artwork. The original work showed a more well-rounded person, not quite so food-centric.  I was quite proud of it but it had to be changed to protect the identity of the young and innocent children in my life. Since this blog is public I chose to adjust my work so their pictures aren’t made public.

This work still shows a lot about my life and I’m still proud of it. While creating it I made the connection between my passion for food and being a great teacher.  That helped me become more comfortable with who I am and developed a better understanding of how the parts of my life are connected.

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