My Problem is

The Advanced Baking course is repetitive, dated, and skewed toward one area of baking. 

My Brainstorm Session

I explained the PoP to my department coworkers and asked them to contribute their thoughts via post-it note on a poster I kept on my workroom desk all week. This is the final collection of notes. It was not possible for all of us to sit down together due to our schedules and the fact that we are without a contract and the union requires us to arrive and leave on time.


My Incubation Journal


My Reflection

I have thoroughly enjoyed the ideation experiences. (Honestly, in general, I have loved the design process. I think if I had known more about design earlier in life I would have followed that as a career path.) It gave me a chance to let the ideas fly with no concern for cost, administrative expectations, etc which can really get in the way of creative solutions. I think I have a solid avenue to pursue for prototyping and testing. At this point, I expect to construct a new scope and sequence for both Baking and Advanced Baking courses with Baking focused on learning the background knowledge needed for baking success.  Then Advanced Baking will focus on understanding substitutions, recipe construction, recipe testing, and running a bakeshop. We will attempt to partner with local bakers for real-world lessons. My mind just keeps spiraling from here but that’s where I’m starting.

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