My Problem is

The Advanced Baking course is repetitive, dated, and skewed toward one area of baking. 

My Prototype

Baking and Advanced Baking Scope and Sequence

My Reflection

I put a LOT of thought into this project. I will have the opportunity to rewrite the curriculum documents for our district for both Baking and Advanced Baking over the summer, and the scope and sequence are the backbone of that undertaking. I need to have it worked out properly before I begin writing a full curriculum document. I looked at what is taught at Johnson and Wales as well as a few other places in the United States and came up with my scope and sequence-based upon that. 

The part that really gave me struggle was making sure I wasn’t skewing the new scope and sequence in any one direction. The Baking curriculum covers the necessary information about ALL areas of baking and the Advanced Baking curriculum takes it to the next level asking the students to use what they know to be creative, make new things, run a bakeshop, advance their cake decorating using more sophisticated ingredients, and make super difficult sourdough bread. I feel comfortable that this iteration is complete, evenly distributed across units, and also allows the students to be creative as they have requested. 

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