The next step in the Design Model that I have been writing about is where I finally get to create a prototype of my solution to the problem. In this step I bring together everything that I learned through empathy reporting, defining the problem, and ideating or incubating all the possible (even wildly out there) solutions.

As with all of the other steps I spent some time practicing before jumping right in and making my prototype. The practice session included using 3-12 household items to create a prototype for a big idea of choosing. Rather than prototyping a solution to a problem I was creating a prototype that would be a visual representation of what the big idea meant to me. Read on to see what I created…

My Chosen Big Idea

Our Connected World

My Prototype

Untitled document

My Reflection

Explanation of My Prototype

{In the span of one week our society changed dramatically in a way I have never experienced before. I’ve been teaching for 20 years and never in my wildest dreams thought that I would find myself teaching from home. Last week our connected world was just that…connected, in a physical and virtual way. This week our connected world is trying to distance itself physically which leaves us connected mostly digitally. I am teaching BAKING from my laptop using demo videos I create and upload to youtube and FlipGrid for responses to prompts. At the same time, I’m assisting my children with 1st grade and 3rd-grade work as well as gym, Chinese, art, music, etc. We Facetime my niece every evening and I’ve set up a Facetime appointment with my friend for Saturday evening “wine time”. I’ve learned new ways to teach from home on Twitter and I send messages to my nephews on Facetime messaging. Without technology and the internet where oh where would we be? }

Description of  How I Feel Post Prototype

From this prototype experience, I learned that it’s kind of fun, and stress relieving even, to use available materials to represent something. It forced me to be creative! Instead of dice, I started with my son’s army guys but they made the prototype seem too aggressive. I had to go through my house to find something else and finding the dice was like a Eureka moment. In this climate, I really couldn’t go out and purchase any other materials anyway. It really drove home the idea that prototypes should solve the problem in a creative way. 

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