Have you been following along as I explore assessment as it applies to my classroom and beyond? Then I’m guessing you have been waiting rather impatiently to see how my Assessment Design Checklist continues to take shape. Never fear, you can find the first page here with a link to the full document with all of the explanations of why I chose each very important question.


Something that I read last week has had a strong impact on my thoughts on question number 3: Is this assessment explicitly connected to the course goals?. Hattie and Timperly identified three big questions for feedback…

1. Where am I going? (what are the learning goals)

2. How am I going? (how will I make progress toward the goals)

3. Where to next? (what activities need to happen to make progress)

(Hattie & Timperly, 2007, p.88). This impressed upon me the importance of sharing the unit goals with students. They need to know what the learning goals are in order to use feedback to reach those goals. If we don’t tell them what the goals are it’s unlikely they will reach them without struggle. Think about it this way, if I give you a recipe with no title and don’t tell you what the finished product is supposed to be, won’t you be frustrated at the end if I tell you it’s wrong? We have to give our students a goal to shoot for.


Hattie, J. & Timperley, H. (2007). The Power of Feedback. Review of  Educational Research, 77(1), 81-112. https://search-proquest-com.proxy1.cl.msu.edu/docview/214113991/fulltext/A88FAE310A0B4CE9PQ/1?accountid=12598

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