Have you read my last post? I spent some time taking an in depth look at the possible ways to use Google Classroom for assessment. While I was on this little adventure I found a feature of Google Forms, which seamlessly connects to Google Classroom, that got me excited and I couldn’t wait to try it out. This post is all about that experience.

I decided to create a formative assessment that could be used in my Baking class. The students in this class have all taken a basic course in which they learned how to follow a recipe and now they are learning more in depth knowledge about why things happen in the kitchen and how to control their results.

If you’ve been following my journey into assessment you’ve seen my Assessment Design Checklist. On this checklist I have identified 5 things that should be considered when creating an assessment for my classroom. I kept this in mind as I was creating the assessment today and here is the breakdown of how I think I aligned with it…

  • Does this assessment inform student learning? Check! It is a self-assessment that guides the students through an exploration of what they know about biscuits and how they are made, how their biscuits turned out, and how they can be improved for the next attempt. It ends with the students outlining a plan to reach their goal.
  • Does this assessment require students to demonstrate their understanding? Check! The students demonstrate their understanding by identifying how they will improve the biscuits with the next attempt and connecting that to their knowledge of what makes biscuits light and fluffy.
  • Is this assessment explicitly connected to the coarse goals? Check! One of the unit goals is listed on the assessment and directly connected to the assessment.
  • Does this assessment inform future instruction? Check! The assessment asks the students to identify what they need from the teacher to proceed. The information collected about taste, texture, appearance, and aroma also give the teacher clues to what the students need to review or master to find their way to success.
  • Are the assessment tasks or problems authentic? Check! I’m not sure you can get more authentic than baking biscuits to learn about how biscuits are made.

I really enjoyed using the Quiz Assignment feature of Google Classroom. It was a streamlined way to add a Google Form assessment to the classroom. I especially liked that now I can add a rating scale to a Google Form so my students can rate their products. That hasn’t always been an option but it’s a great addition.

By using a Course Management System like Google Classroom I am able to expand the amount of information I can provide to students. It also makes it possible to make the course more self-paced or group-paced. The entire class doesn’t have to be working on the same lab at the same time. I can customize the coursework so that “students must demonstrate that they have mastered a particular set of objectives before moving on to the next set” (Sams & Bergmann, 2013, pg 18). It is totally transforming the way I teach!


Sams, A., & Bergmann, J. (2013). Flip your students’ learning. Educational Leadership, 70(6), 16-20.

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