Have you ever started something, with great excitement, only to have life get in your way?  That’s how this blog started.  That actually seems to be a continuing trend in my life.

For example, about 18 years ago I started taking graduate courses with the intention of completing a Masters degree. Cue life and its many distractions.

Then 2 years ago I started this blog with immense excitement.  I was going to blog about the amazing recipes I was creating and the baking experiments I was doing with my students in the baking classes I teach.  Again, life got in the way.

Now, I’m getting back to both and I’m combining them into one great endeavor.  I’ve recently begun the first course in a Masters degree program and one of the first assignments was to create a blog so here I am!

Let’s see just where this takes me…

Oh, and there will be pictures of food…everywhere.

Coconut Cream Cookie Cups